A company with a vision

Rainbow Retreat is actually a hobby that got out of hand. It started in 2009 and after 5 years of vision and determination, the last phase completed in 2014. The intention of Rainbow Retreat is to teach people tools, like yoga and meditation, to help them further evolve on their spiritual path.

Patricia McGraw, certified Vedic Master from the Chopra University -in Carlsbad California- and certified Kundalini Yoga teacher -as taught by Yogi Bhajan from Kundalini Research Institute in Española New Mexico- is committed to teaching people the value of taking responsibility of their own choices, regardless of their situation. Amongst other disciplines teaching Yoga -the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success yoga or Kundalini yoga-, Meditation and Perfect Health, dedicating herself in helping people learn to use these tools to make the changes that they want to do.

Martyn Barratt is the mastermind behind Rainbow Retreat. Following Patricia’s vision, he designed and created the perfect place for people to come to retreat, relax, rejuvenate and renew their values. The latest addition of Rainbow Retreat, the Labyrinth is the newest baby and is dedicated to the people of Curaçao. Wanting to give back to Curaçao, the Labyrinth is the perfect tool for the people of Curaçao to use as it stands for Freedom and liberation. The colourful houses and colourful rainbow mandala paintings encourages people to feel the energy coming from the colours. The gardens surrounding the houses are all healing plants; carefully designed and planted to give the healing energies that come from each one. There is nothing like the smell of Jasmine teasing your nostrils when strolling along the walking path. Using our senses and how breathe works are two important tools in teaching people to become more aware of the choices they make.

Why the name Rainbow?

Recognize YOU can make a difference

Authentic change

Invoke your determination

Never give up on yourself – Self image

Believe in desire and enthousiasm

Optimal leadership and adventure

Willing love and encouragement