Our facilities can be used in different ways

We are located at Banda ’Bou on a very unique and inspirational location.
We offer you the perfect spot for your wellness event, health workshop, conference, team building activity, international business meeting and celebration. Rainbow Retreat has the facilities & service to make your event a success. Depending on your needs you can use our facilities like several outdoor spaces, business centre, conference room, meeting rooms, fully professional equipped kitchen, gym, swimming pool, yoga studio and a labyrinth. We also have 7 houses to give your participants a private day-stay or a stay during your event.

Please checkout our facilities below and contact our facilities manager for more information or solutions.


Our colourful houses for your stay during the event!

The colourful houses at Rainbow Retreat afford comfortable sleeping and living space for four people. Each house has ceiling fans, air conditioning and free Wifi. There is also a separate study room in each house for private space. Each bedroom has twin beds and modern bath with shower. There is a ‘palapa’ with comfortable chairs and table between the houses and beach beds provided on the terrace of each house.

Of course we can assist you if you have special needs or need more housing, contact our facilities manager for the options.

Relax and get fit

We have 1 big swimming pool with a Jacuzzi in the middle of the park and one smaller one at the entrance next to one of the open yoga spaces.  There are two outside yoga spaces in Rainbow Retreat, with toilet en shower facilities. The fully equipped gym has all the necessary equipment to carry out a complete workout. Your participants and you have free access to the pool, gym and yoga spaces during your event.

B2B we can assist you with everything

As a company when planning a training session you aim for the best result based on time invested and outcome of the training. All this is combined not only with what is the training about; but the location, services, premises and atmosphere of where is taken place. Rainbow Retreat can be you best partner in it and provide you with a unique experience you would like to repeat.


Professional open kitchen

Within Rainbow Retreat, we have a green kitchen house located at the back of the park. This ever so special kitchen house is suitable for cooking for larger groups of people. It is equipped with all the necessary equipment to prepare any kind of meal. What is special about this kitchen house is that it is a large open kitchen.

We can open the site and front panels of the kitchen house making you feel like you are sitting outside. A delicious experience!