Your Wellness event, Our Location!

You can rent Rainbow Retreat for your own wellness event. We have several spaces which you can use, like the labyrinth, 2 outside yoga spaces, 2 swimming pools, playroom, conference building, with a theatre and smaller workshop spaces, with airco and free wifi. We can also provide food & beverage for your event.

Or you can take part on one of the workshops and yoga retreats we organise ourself. Discover a sense of well-being and inner calm during your stay at Rainbow Retreat; a true paradise with all the facilities needed to inspire. Our main goal is to “simply provide you the tools to reconnect” with yourself and your life. Feel, hear, see, taste and smell the world around you and come back to the real you.

Please contact us for more information.

You can use our Labyrinth for meditative walking, ritual or ceremonials use or celebration or playful goals.

A Labyrinth is a pathway designed to lead a traveller to its centre and then back out again. It is an ancient pattern found in many cultures around the world. Used worldwide as a way to gain insight on any kind of questions you may have by:

  • Quieting the mind
  • Finding balance
  • Encouraging meditation

However, also used in healing processes and as a transformational tool to help you overcome obstacles in your life, which block you in fulfilling your dreams, desires and even helping making clear what your purpose in life is.

By walking a labyrinth, you guide your Inner Self to have a conversation with your body, mind, heart and soul. Allowing you to connect them between themselves. This conversation takes place during your meditative walk in the Labyrinth. The main purpose is to quiet the monkey mind, all the chatters and voices in your head; and once you quiet your active mind, you’ll be able to listen to your Inner Self, your Inner Voice and communicate with the Real You.

You name it we can cook it!

Within Rainbow Retreat, we have a green kitchen house located at the back of the park. This ever so special kitchen house is suitable for cooking for larger groups of people. It is equipped with all the necessary equipment to prepare any kind of meal. What is special about this kitchen house is that it is a large open kitchen.

We can open the site and front panels of the kitchen house making you feel like you are sitting outside. A delicious experience!